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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Map it Out!!

It's time to Map it all out!! Last year my children learned where
the equator is located. The Prime meridian and the north and south
poles. This year we are working on lines of Latitude and lines of
Longitude. To help them remember which comes first when maping
out coordinates. I pointed out that the easiest way to remember this
was by putting the two words in ABC order. Latitude always comes first
in ABC order so your lines of Latitude would come first when writing
coordinates. The other tip was for remembering which lines go which
directions. Lines of Latitude ... Lat... Lat.. Ladder you climb the ladder
To the top of the globe. These lines would go horizontally up your globe
and if they were a ladder you could climb up. The opposite would
be your lines on Longitude which have longer coordinates covering a
larger span.

For practice the children were given some cooridnates and used
white beans to map out where the areas were located on the map.


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