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Friday, September 4, 2009

Life Saver

Lifesaver Pictures, Images and Photos

A Sunday morning in August our family was heading home from church services. Typically we pass a local state park as we head home. I enjoy the senic view. This particular Sunday it was me and 3 of my younger children. (baby wasn't born as of yet) The evening before the children's Aunt bought them some lifesavers as a treat. The boys ate theirs right away but "Princess" saved hers. So this morning she asks to share them, which was alright with me. (Sharing is always good) As we are traveling along "Spirit" (age 3) begins to choke . He was gasping for air but got a little thanks to the hole in the middle of the lifesaver. I didn't even remember stopping the van but somehow it was stopped. I ran around the van and fumbled with his seatbelt. His eyes panicked now. I whipped him out of his seat and bent him over and pushed. Out dropped the lifesaver. I stood for a moment just hugging my little guy. My heart raced the entire way home. My thoughts went to our first aid /CPR class that my church provided. I always wondered if I could use it if I needed to. In that moment it helped to have a plan. I was afraid but not as afraid as I probably would have been not given a plan of attack. I guess what I am saying is if you have a chance this year with your homeschool group or even finding a class on your own , take that first aid class and CPR. It would make a great moms nite activity with your homeschool groups. One day it could save your own child /childrens lives.

It was a very scary moment but Honestly I can only imagine the scene from the road. Since I was enormously pregnant at the time. Flying around the van and grabbing at my preschooler. I can only imagine what passerbyers thought. None of that matters and I am so glad my little man is safe and sound right now playing with his farm set.


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