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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Look Back at 2009

This year has been hard. Maybe harder than any we have faced.
My growing faith in God began to grow ,waiver, grow. I realize looking back
that this may be a test. The more you learn the more you desire God
the more the enemy tries to interfere. Interfere he has.. Joys and
turmoil intermixed. Praying and waiting.. Praying and waiting. Trusting
in God. There have been gifts given , Strength to keep going, Joys and
Praise, Tears and heartache. Through it all God is my Rock, my thoughts
are the weakness or interference. Do not listen. I am worthy.

Joys, Concerns and Answered Prayer....

Concern- Superboys Reading level has been really low. His handwriting is
horrible. We feared he had dysgraphia and would need physical therapy.
Prayer was lifted for his upcoming testing over the summer months.
How would we handle this new situation. Princess already takes much
of my time with her dyslexia, ADHD And Anxiety disorder. What now.
Joy... Prayer answered Testing goes well. Superboy hit genius mark.
Apparently he is bored with learning to read and doesn't see it's
importance yet.. New Concern- How do I get him to see importance?
How do I handle a child that hits genius levels. His creativity is astounding
I should have known.

Joy .. in December 2008 I realize I am expecting a new baby.
Many concerns race through my head but JOY oh the JOY!! Pregnancy
at the age of 36 proves to be much harder than previous children.
I am sick most of my days and summer wiz's by without doing any of
the fun thing's I intended to do with my children. 2009 seems to
be a bust since I am sick most of the time. This becomes
a small price to pay..... Praise the Lord
my little one is Born on Aug. 19th. Happy and healthy. Despite the
difficult pregnancy She is a complete JOY.

Concern.. Our Mini van keeps breaking down. It was down more
this year than ever. I think it was parked more than it ran. Joy.. works
Concern.. Don't work... Joy .. works... Concern... Don't work...
Now with impending financial and physical strains this van will
probably have to last another year. Pray hard.. Pray hard. It's
working at the moment.

Concern..A month after our sweet little one was born Daddy ended up in
the ER with swelling of the hands and feet. We are shocked by the news
that he has congestive heart failure. What does this mean for our family?
Prayers are said in the ER and Prayers answered as Daddy was able to
come home a week later. Life altering changes but he is here. More
concerns to come more prayers to be said. We have a long road ahead.

Concern... with all the new changes comes big changes with daddy's
Medicine. We had many before with his diabetes but now now so
many more. The expense is a huge stab at our budget. This is a large
monthly chunk. Prayers are beginning to be answered slowly... Many
of the meds turned out to be on the Walmart $4. list. Then turned
around and changed to not on the list but some still are which is a
blessing. American Diabetes association helps us locate reasonable
testing strips. Searching is exhausting.

Concern.. Financial strains pile on our family. Unemployment refuses
to help and Daddy is banned from work because of his restrictions.
Answer to prayer.. unemployment finally agrees to pay. Concern
our financial strains are staggering but we hang in. Even though
work restrictions are lifted except for a 50lb weight limit ,work
still will not allow him back to work. Awaiting news at his next
Jan. appointment. Pray hard again.

Joy we manage to find a Mobil dentist so the children can have
their teeth cleaned. An expense that is huge for our family. Concern
Superboy needs major work done. He fears the dentist and again
the expense of it is ridiculous. What a racket. Prayers answered
Superboy sits through the growling process and Praise the Lord our
church helps us with the financial strain. 2 more visits and the work
will be complete. Continued prayer needed for upcoming appointments,
Financial, and for Superboy to have the strength to make it through.
I know he can.

Joy our first grand baby is born. He is the sweetest lil guy.

Joy step son is to be married this spring. Which will include
a new grandchild. (Bird)

Concern.. Christmas is hard to bear. Joy 5 minutes for moms
helps us out and family joins in too. Christmas appears on our door steps.
Thank you all who helped . Prayer answered.

Concern.. Daddy's hands at Christmas cramp up that he can't move
them. He has to massage the muscles to loosen them up. We
are concerned of a new blockage. Joy the Dr. says it is lack of
Potassium. Not a blockage. Praying he knows what he is talking about.

Joy.. Heart will Graduate in 2010. She is an A student.
Concern.. She is not sure what she wants to do. JOY may do college
at home still praying on that one.

Concern... Is home education getting the attention it needs.
Joy ... Thankfully I really believe it is. I see much improvement
in the children and will continue on this path.

As you can see it was a huge year. Many concerns . Many many more
that come up everyday and some really big amazing JOYs too.
We are concerned for our future and what
it will hold. How we will financially keep going. I may have to go
to work. Daddy may train for a less physical job. We do not
know yet. We await answers. I am considering learning webdesign.
The thought keeps coming to my head. Maybe it's God. I'll
continue to pray and research if we can afford to do that.
Maybe I can do that from home. I'd also one day like to open my
own homeschool curriculum store online. Maybe more of a game idea site
with homemade games. More thoughts. We are also ending this year with
a bang. The children have headaches. Daddy is sick and vomiting.
My nose is stuffed up. We all seem to be sick in someway. Except
For Spirit who is his bouncy self. Maybe a little stuffy too. Then
my dad comes last night with his leg all swelled and his toes turning
black. He had fallen at work a few days before Christmas. I think
his leg might be infected. He is heading to the Dr. today I hope.

Praying for hope. For a healthier year. For unanswered prayer
to come to light. For peace.

Have a Happy New Year.
See you in 2010.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Molly's Money saving digest - January

January is the time of year when you can begin again and when
you have the opportunity to start things anew. Some things
aren’t so easy to change. Such as the health issues that have hit our family,
financial strains and this year we have added to our family
with a brand new baby girl. With seven children and 5 of those seven
still at home we are always looking for ways to organize ourselves
and at a reasonable cost to us. Anything that we can learn that
would create less chaos for us the better we are,
since we do have that brand new baby, a daddy with major health
issues and never mind the day to day tasks. Then along came
January’s issue of Molly’s money saving digest ( don't you just love
the new color of the cover) filled with ideas to organize.
(A great idea on keeping socks organized for a large family that
you’ll have to peek at.)

This is also a great time of year to reorganize our
family management binders. As a new feature in January Molly
will send you new forms to add to your binder every issue
through out the year. January's digest has a Monthly bills at a glance
form, monthly budget, printable calendar, daily to do list and
a family clothing inventory sheet. I printed out the budget and
family clothing inventory. What a great idea. Thank you Molly.
If you don’t have a management binder now is the time to start
putting it together, there are forms coming each new digest to complete
your binders.

Another wonderful new feature will save you time planning since
Molly plans a week’s menu for you. Right there at my figure tips a menu
for the on the go days along with the grocery list for shopping.

You will also find a list of items on sale this month, special fun days,
from the mailbox and another new feature, kid’s corner.
I saved the best for last to tell you about. Begin from the basics
teaches you how to make pie dough from scratch.
I was so excited to see this. I believe my daughters will be able to follow
it from the photos and examples. From the recipe it surely will make
a lot of pie crusts which is what we need for this growing family.
Thank-you, Molly for all of you wonderful ideas and money saving tips.

If you would like to purchase Molly's digest for January you can
Get your January Digest NOW!

You also might want to stop by Molly's blog in January as she will be
posting 31 days of organization. Taking it one step at a time and
using Gods word along with each priority, order and discipline. You
can find her a . Sign up for her newsletter
to be able to receive these organizational tips by email or you can
follower her on twitter or Facebook.

Have fun organizing. I know we will..

Monday, December 28, 2009

Simple Womens Daybook

Today is.... Dec 28, 2009

Outside My Window....
The daylight is beginning to peek in. Sweet pea is sitting in her
rocker slowly being lolled to sleep. The house is quiet. The mess
is all askew from the holidays. Today will be a long and ardorus
work day. Putting things back in order. We may even get to taking

the tree down. For us when the holiday is over we are ready to get
things back into place. ( Well, I am ready)

I am Thinking.....
about the days to do list. I am ready to work and get organized.
The new year coming into focus does that to a person. You are
ready to try again. Begin again. I certainly need a feeling of new
beginning as 2009 was a struggle for our family. A struggle but
with joy sprinkled in there as well. I know our future will be difficult.
Many families in our area fight for jobs, food, and health care.

Health Care.... (new heading)
I didn't realize before how complicated the health system can be for those
really truly needing it. It is such a shame that so many fight. As
we fight our own battle with health and health care I find more and
more families with similar stories. Just Saturday I went to pick up
a prescription for my daughter. One we have gotten before completely
covered by our insurance. Suddenly they need a referral for the meds.
without them they are $80. She has been taking this same med since
March. Why the sudden referral. Makes no sense to me. Sunday
she needed them. She still does not have them. We await the referral.
So besides putting the house back in order I will also be making
a few phone calls to straighten that out. Even odder still was
Daddys meds were actually cheaper this time. You just
don't know what you will come across when you visit the
pharmacy. Another surprise to us is that diabetes test strips
are not covered on our insurance. These are not a cheap item.
I contacted the American Diabetes association for some assistance.
They gave me a list of websites and phone numbers. This is how it
goes with health care. First from the hospital you get a list of numbers
and websites to visit to help you find the cheaper meds. As you
contact those you are given more. You basically have to do
your own research and become your own doctor and advocate. We
are only at the beginning of this process. As I dig deeper and I find
more and more issues. The sad part is these are meds that
he needs to live. Without them he will not live long. It is so wrong
for a person to have to choose groceries or medicine that keeps him
or her alive.

Diet...(New heading)
As you may have noticed I have
added two new headings. One Health Care so that I can update
you on Daddys care (all of us really) and the other is this one
Diet since we are all working towards healthier eating habits.
Daddy is on a strict diet and it makes it difficult if we are eating something he
can not have. Before the Christmas holiday just by making a few changes in our
diet I dropped 40lbs. ! My goal for the holiday was to stay that weight .
Now that the Christmas season is about over I am gearing up to begin again.
I'll tell you the changes we made so far.. Drinking more water. Soda is out of dads
diet because of the diabetes. If we have it here he wants to drink it.
Same goes for anything Caffeine. Caffeine is difficult for the heart to process.
Honestly I wish I had known all of this before. We also stopped buying whole milk
and moved to 2%. We fill a large part of our plates with veggies and we
changed the kind of butter we use. (No salt no cholesterol.) More costly
then regular butter but worth you health. Little by little we are making

From the learning rooms...
We are in holiday mode. The children have been crafting.
We are doing a few Science experiments and reading time.
Very relaxed time. No formal schedule till next week.
Just a few things here and there. To keep their minds working.
Spirit is playing , playing and more playing.

From our kitchen...
Honestly this is an unprepared week. We will definatly
be having ham bean soup since we made a big ham for everyone
that came on Christmas. (Daddy could not eat it to much salt for
his body to process) So as you can imagaine I want to get it out of the
house a soon as possible. Bonus is that he doesn't like that type of soup.
This is a treat for Heart and I . It is one of our favorite meals. The
others will eat something else. Probably some of moms chicken shells
soup. The rest of the menu is hazy. The cabinets and freezers are full
but I just haven't gotten to making a plan. Probably a grab as you go week.
Possible having seafood on new years if Toad decides to come by. He was
already asking at Christmas what we are making.

I am wearing...
Black dress pants, long sleep blue shirt and my
favorite worn out fuzzy blue slippers.

I am creating...
Nothing.. Enjoying Family. Will be creating some lesson
plans later this week.

I am hearing....
Daddy talking.

Favorite things.....
How about a little list of my favoite Christmas gifts from family
and friends. Angel pin from an Aunt, Scrapbook kit , gift
card to shop with and a video camera from mom. Gift card
to shop at the same store mom gave me from my friend
Jan. So excited about that one, new clothes! A new sketchbook
from Princess and some decorations for the house from superboy.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Thursday- New years party. Girls to a friends
and a small one here for the rest of the family
Sunday- Church, Unhanging of the greens

A Picture I'd like to share...
Spirit's cookies

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!! From our family to yours.

I love this photo because it is so natural. They aren't
in matching clothing or look like a family in an ad. We are
the American family. This photo actually has a story behind
it. That particular day I had 2 hours to see Santa and eat
dinner before a party I was hosting. Spirit went excitedly to
the mall for the visit and just as it was our turn to see Santa...
Santa went on a break and we would have to wait 45 more
minutes. Since I really didn't have that kind of time we decided
to go eat at the hot dog shoppe. Then I had the thought of the
Santa on the square. This Santa is in a little wooden shed in
the square of a town right near where I was hosting the party.
We lined up and all piled into the shed that was made to look
like a log cabin. The quarters were a tad squishy.. I wish I
could have taken more photos but I felt really bad for the
families standing outside in the freezing cold waiting their
turn. If you look close Sweet pea is holding Santas beard and
Hearts hand. Immediately after the photo she cried and cried.
I knew it was coming. Princess wanted more behind santa
but there was a Christmas tree in her said spot. Spirit wore his
own santa hat. You can see he is also sporting a bag of chips.
Our area is known for all the chip factories so its only
fitting Santa give candy canes and chips as a gift. Superboy
well he is himself as always. Everyone isn't sitting in a row
or in matching clothing but again it shows us.... Maybe
next year we will match . :)

Our Christmas was lovely. Spirit woke us at a nice hour
of 7 am. Everyone was excited. Toad came to visit with
his family and we got to see Bird too. We didnt get to visit
with Tom girl or her partner and baby but I know they will
be by soon. It was a nice Christmas .... until Sweet pea
at lunch time began to run a fever. I have a feeling its
teething time but can't quite tell. Her temperature is low
and there are no other symptoms. There we also little reminders
that Daddy isn't well. Like the fact that he couldn't
eat many of the foods he baked for us and at one point
his hand clenched and he couldn't move it for a moment.
(that is a new one) It makes me sick with worry. I try not
to but wonder and wonder what the future holds .
Time could go slower for me or even backwards to where
he wasn't sick at all. Alas I know this is unrealistic and must
trust God. As 2010 approaches I can't help but wonder
what this new year will bring. I refuse to look ahead to far
taking in each day and enjoying it one by one.

Enjoy your family. Enjoy each moment. Time
goes so quickly and we just never know what will happen

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Spirit of Christmas...How do I find it..

Hello all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!
I think that might be only the second time I have said that
this year. Spirit said it to me last night after going to the
store. He came home and said "Merry Christmas Mom."
I returned the cordials. I asked why he said it and he said
that everyone in the store was saying it. :) I guess I am not
much in the spirit of things. We missed a lot of our holiday
things this year due to the weather. Those things are all
musical in content. I suppose I ought to just turn some
music on the radio today as I go about getting things ready.
That probably will help. We missed Caroling, Our church
Cantata, and Hearts Christmas choir concert. Again all
musical in content. I never realized what a big part
music played in how I felt but it seems to have a big effect.
Without it it just seems like something is missing.

That is how it is for me when I am trying to find God
in my heart. If I am trying to pray and feel God with me
but just am not quit ready to feel Him there...
I play some praise music on the CD player
to help uplift my Spirit. Oh, I know he was there all along
but for some reason there are times I feel so alone.
Times I wonder where is God? The music helps me
find my frame of mind. It puts me in the right place to
approach God and worship him.

Now I have to tell you that this post wasn't supposed
to turn out this way. I had in mind to tell you a little
of this and a little of that going on in our lives. God has
away of helping when you really need it. I have been
praying for weeks now. Feeling lost as if I can't get ahold of
God. Feeling like I must be a lost sheep. As I type this I
realized I have forgotten to really worship God. Somehow in
the business of the season or through all our many trials
and joys I forgot. I'm not sure how or why it happened but
it has. The menial tasks around the house that typically
I really enjoy I no longer enjoy . They didn't feel
menial to me at all before. I have lost that joy. Hm where is
my music. Its not in my heart where it belongs. It is
so strange how fast we can forgot. (pause while I look
up Song in the bible)

Pslam 47:7 For God is the King of all the earth
sing to him a pslam of praise.

Pslam 96 1-2
Sing to the Lord a new song;
sing to the Lord, all the earth.
Sing to the Lord, priase his name;
proclaim his salvation day after day.

I have so much to do today just as many of you do.

I need to wrap gifts
Bake cookies
make candy
Shop for that one more thing
Pick up a perscription
clean up the house
bathe the children
Do a math powerpoint with
Read a story a Christmas story to Spirit
wash some laundry

and praise God.

It shouldn't be at the bottom of my list so I will
be sure to move it to the top Or even while I work.

Just as I am reminding myself right now.
Speak to God. Speak to him all day everyday
and Sing Praises.

(as a side note: Dads work restrictions were lifted except
for a new one. He can not lift over 50lbs. raised from 30lbs.
We have been awaiting his works answer as to weather he
can come back to work all week. They fear complications of
his heart condition. So we wait to hear the answer. )

Monday, December 21, 2009

4 Months Old....

My little Sweet Pea turned 4 Months old Saturday. I can
hardly believe how fast the time has gone. At this same
time last year I had just found out that I was expecting. A
wonderful Christmas gift. Our children were so surprised
and not real sure how to respond. Now my little sweety is
loved by all. Today I'd like to tell you a few things about her.

Her best color is blue. It brings out the color in her eyes.
(Even though mommy has a ton of pink.) She has become
a very social baby. If she is having a fussy moment all you
need to do is turn on a radio. She tunes in immediately most
of the time. It is great to have her move from most of the time
fussy to now content.

She enjoys playing with soft toys . This little bear
she has in the photo is a new favorite. She also has a pink
blanket that she takes everywhere. At the moment it's left
at Grandmas. She rolls all around the carpet now belly to back
and back to belly. In fact she uses that mode of transportation
to get around. Yesterday she rolled over to a truck of Spirits so
she could touch it. I had to move it so she didn't get hurt .

This photo is one of my favorites. When she is trying to move
she throws her legs up in the air like this. Sometimes she looks
like she is taking off.

Sweet pea has also tried baby cereal but
for some reason food isn't sitting well with her yet . So we are
going to wait a few days and try again.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Crafting fun

Snow and I are usually not friends.. I do not like being cold.
I don't like shoveling it and I definately don't like driving in it.
Yesterday the Lord dropped probably 2 foot of snow on us. I find
myself surprised that I am enjoying the sight of it all . The
children are enjoying playing in it. Inspired by the snow we
created some fun crafting ...

This first photo is of our snow sock. Turn you sock inside out
so that the fuzzy side is out. It gives him some texture.
Fill him with beans to your desired plumpness. Fold a pipe
cleaner in half and stick it inside of the beans. Right down the
middle to the bottom. Put a rubber band around its middle The
top of the pipe cleaner will stick out. You want it to. Then use
fiber fill batting to stuff the head. Becareful to stuff gently around
the pipecleaner so that it stays standing up. Then wrap a
rubberband to the top. The pipe cleaner inside gives you the

ablity to move his head and position it to your liking.

Roll Down the top of the Sock for a Hat.

Then have the children add what they like to him. Use
buttons, pipecleaners, sequins and pom poms. Be as creative
as you like. You can even add material for a scarf.
(The nose is a pipecleaner rolled to create a carrot shape)

Now you probably have no idea what this one isa

about. No. I am not showing you my clean rolled socks.
These socks have balloons inside and are tied shut.
They are fun for indoor snowballs.
(Hint dont blow the balloons up to full. They can be hard
to put around the sock)

Last we added glitter and sequins to these foam
snowflakes. I wish I could tell you where we got them
but they came from my sister inlaw.

If you have it Enjoy your snow and if you don't
make some inside. (its warmer)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snowman Snack

I got this idea to make these cute snowmen faces
at Entertainment Exchange. Mine aren't quite as
Percise as theirs but I think they still look like snowmen.
I also changed it a bit since I couldn't find candy
corn. I decided to use orange gummy slices. I cut those
into triangles. It didn't occur to me until I was home after
shopping but I had the idea that I could us fruit roll
ups for a scarf. Add an extra donut or two just sitting on
the dish for a belly. Maybe Licorice for arms. I wish
I had thought of that in the store.

I did have to keep cleaning my hands with the orange
slices. They get very sticky. I also had to keep cleaning
The tip of the icing tube. The powdered sugar on the
donuts kept the icing from coming off by the time I got to
the end of his smile. They were really easy to make.

These are reserved
for Superboys Cubscout party tonight.

You can find these donut snacks at

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Homeschool Christmas party

Sharing a few photos from our homeschool groups
Christmas party. The boys had a good time playing
with friends.

I am not sure why but for some reason superboys friends
are always younger than him. I think it might be because
he wants to help everyone. Boys his own age wouldn't
need much help that he could give. :)

Princess did not attend the event . She just hasn't found anyone
that she connects with. I had hoped she would but it just
wasn't there for her. Heart isn't homeschooled but she had
a half day of school and came along to help with Sweet pea.

I had to zoom in just on sweet pea with this one. Look
at those big blue eyes.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Simple Women's Daybook

Today is.... Dec 15, 2009
(A day late)

Outside My Window....
At the moment it is still dark outside. It's 6:30
in the morning. Sweet pea had me up several times last night.
She maybe is going through a growth spurt since she is eating
two times at night again. Very soon we will start her on cereal.

I am Thinking.....
About all the Holiday events that occured over the weekend.
Friday we went to our homeschool groups christmas party. We
have not been to an activity since the summer months. It
felt a little awkward. There were a few friends that came to
talk to us. Feels like light years since we were active attending
members. I loved the twelve days of christmas game we played.
Each group was given one of the 12 days of christmas lines from
the song. As we sang they had to act out their part when
it came back to them. It was quite humurous. It must be the game
to play this year since later that evening we played
it again at our church christmas cafe. We had gone out to
dinner with my grandma and parents. Then went to church
for drinks and dessert. There was a live band and plenty of
games. Superboy guessed how many yo yos were in a jar
and brought the entire thing home. He handed many of them
out to his friends, Which was a good thing with 37 yo yos.
We also had our childrens Christmas program on Sunday.
That was a scary day. The roads were frozen with ice but the
program was not cancelled. The children were wonderful. I am
so upset with myself that I forgot our camera. I was so worried
about the ice I didn't think to pick it up till we made it to church.
One of my friends taped the event so hoping to get a copy later.
As you know Spirit was a wiseman. He walked right up there
and then danced along to the music. It was rather amusing.

From the learning rooms...

Math -Ratios
Literature- Reading Old Yeller
History- American history the Wild west
Science- Creation Science

Math- Multiplicaton word problems
Literature- Reading Novel Lion to Guard US
We will finish this up this week and will debute
our cereal box book report.
History- Beginning of government study
Science -Chemistry and Mixtures

Christmas, Letter N, North pole and Nativity
(honestly he is mostly playing, decorating and
helping to bake cookies. )

From our kitchen...

Still baking cookies this week.
Chocolate chip
peanut butter chocolate chip
Peanut butter kiss cookies
Peanut butter cup cookies
Andes mint cookie
sugar cookies
oatmeal raisin
and M&M cookies

Monday- Boiled chicken, baked sweet potatoes
and green beens.
Tuesday- Spaghetti and garlic bread
Wednesday- Tomato soup and grilled cheese
Thursday- Roast beef gravy and fries.
Friday- Pizza
weekend leftovers

I am wearing...
Brown dress pants, purple shirt and

I am creating...
Superboy to make owls to give as gifts and
I am working on my moms homemade gift.

I am hearing....
Silence, which is nice for a change.

Favorite things..... Christmas music
Silent night is my favorite.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- school
Tuesday- School , Daddy gets testing done.
Wednesday- School and choir practice
Thursday- school and cub scouts
Friday- School ,J-train and Daddys Dr. appointment
Saturday- Open..
Sunday- Church, Path youth
Here is a photo I'd like to share

After I took the photo I made them take off the shirts
to let me iron them lol. They are a little wrinkley.
Both boys have since had hair cuts too. :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Decor..

The holiday decorations are up. Truth be told they were
Up since the weekend before Thanksgiving. :) Our tree
has not rhyme or reason. The children chose what they liked
and put it on. I do have ornaments that are matching color but
more often we just leave them go. The children absolutely have it covered
in candy canes which they beg to eat constantly.

This is the garland above or doorway from the living area.
My mom gave me those little homemade stockings and I love them
so retro.

We also put a tree up in our kitchen. A small one that princess
and her orderly way organized. We are making it a tradition
to have an angel tree to remind us of family lost.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wiseman Crowns

Matthew 2:1-12
1 Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea. This happened while
Herod was king of Judea.After Jesus’ birth, Wise Men from the east
came to Jerusalem. 2 They asked, “Where is the child who has been
born to be king of the Jews? When we were in the east, we saw
his star. Now we have come to worship him.”

My little man this year in our Christmas play will be a wise man.
The crowns our church had have been worn over the years so
I decided to create new ones.

3 When King Herod heard about it, he was very upset.
Everyone in Jerusalem was troubled too. 4 So Herod called together
all the chief priests of the people. He also called the teachers of the
law. He asked them where the Christ was going to be born.5
“In Bethlehem in Judea,” they replied. “This is what the prophet has
written. He said,6 ” ‘But you, Bethlehem, in the land of Judah,
are certainly not the least important among the towns of Judah.
A ruler will come out of you.He will be the shepherd of my people
Israel.’ ” —(Micah 5:2)7 Then Herod called for the Wise Men secretly.
He found out from them exactly when the star had appeared. 8 He sent
them to Bethlehem. He said, “Go! Make a careful search for the
child. As soon as you find him, bring me a report. Then I
can go and worship him too.”

Trying to be frugal this year. I have collected many cereal boxes. I have
found that the cardboard has been very useful to me and will continue
to collect them. I cut the box so I could use the maximum space and drew
about the shape of my crowns. You can easily use a Burger king crown
if you have one near you. It would save you on cutting time.

9 After the Wise Men had listened to the king, they went on their
way. The star they had seen when they were in the east went
ahead of them. It finally stopped over the place where the child
was. 10 When they saw the star, they were filled with joy
We purchased Gold spray paint at Walmart for only about $3.
I was really happy with how well it covered the cereal box.
We also cut out a cross for the top of the crown (seen below)
and Spray painted that gold as well. You will also want to cut
from you cardboard stripes of board about 1 a half inch thick for
added support and to sew your fabric to it. Helps to hide all the

11 The Wise Men went to the house. There they saw the
child with his mother Mary. They bowed down and worshiped
him. Then they opened their treasures. They gave him
gold, incense and myrrh.

Now my material for the crown was actually a felt type blanket
from walmart. They were on sale for $2. I was thinking I could make
some stockings from the material as well. I also bought the red ribbon
with white from the Christmas section. Cut a circle shape from the
felt. Make sure it is about 2 inches larger than your crown. This will help
when you begin sewing. you can also measure you your ribbon
as shown above.

From the bottom of the crown you can see that we used
the sewing machine and sewed the cardboard cross directly
to the material and ribbon. I kept the stitches to the middle
since I am also applying glitter glue to that area. The stitching
will not be seen. I then measured my crown size and my stripes
to match the size. Then sewed the material to my cardboard
stripes. Not yet to the crown itself. After that was sewn then
we sewed it to the crown. We did the stitching of the crown
and cardboard by hand. I was concerned about breaking a
machine needle. It was difficult to push the needle through but
This way there wont be any staples to worry about. You could
staple it if you were sewing savvy or even duct tape. No one will
be looking in the inside except maybe your child.

12 But God warned them in a dream not to go back to
Herod. So they returned to their country on a different road.
Lastly we embellished with sticky gems and glitter glue.
A crown was created. Could also be used for a medieval
party or other studies of kings.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One Moms Ramblings.....

Another sleepless night and a long day ahead...
I don't know why sleep eludes me but it only comes in spurts.
It makes it difficult during the day hours. "Sweet pea " lies curled
up in her crib sleeping. I do alright with sleep until her 2 or 3 am
feeding then I am up. After sleeping 5-6 hours I can't go right back
to bed. By the time I can sleep the house is starting to move and
I may as well forget the idea. My thoughts also keep me up. They
are moving a mile a minute. I have thought to bring the laptop
upstairs to put some of those thoughts down so that I can actually
sleep. At the moment I sit in the dark by the Christmas tree lights.

I am in a mommy mood lately. If one exists. Maybe its the new
weather we are having. It isn't even winter officially yet and
snow and ice seem to be a pattern for most days. When I do want
to go out I have to make a decision about weather we should go or
not. Princess always has a way of making me feel bad when I choose
to stay home. She just loves our church activities so much. It will be
a long winter of deciding. I am so grateful to be a mommy but
the pattern of the days is just ... I'm not sure.. maybe undaunting
is the word or repetitive. I usually enjoy day to day tasks folding
wash, cleaning up , and so on.. I don't know lately I am just restless
and frustrated. The children's smiles lighten my days when I feel this
way which is often. Feed baby, change baby, break up sibling
squabble, pick up mess, clean up spills... oh you know the drill ...
over and over. I guess I am in a rut. I need something . If I knew
what is was I'd do it. I sort of am thinking it's a bit of postpartum.
(which I have said before even though the Dr. doesn't think so)
I am usually more satisfied with life. So I will pray and wait.
This to shall pass...

.....And pray I shall. When I have time for it. I know that this
is the season of life I am in but I miss the long morning prayers
and evening. I only have time for brief prayers. Lord help me
through this day. Lord what beauty .. the snow is amazing thank-you.
Thank you for my little gift she is so wonderfully made. Help me Lord
have strength with these two... and so it goes. My morning prayer time
is gone now. Baby wakes me at 5 am for the day. By the evening
I am so exhausted sometimes I fall asleep mid prayer. Then apologize
Sorry dear Lord for falling asleep. Although I am sure he understands.
He sees and knows all.

....and Daddy.... well he is regulating his meds just fine. It is
also hard to have him home all the time. He is underfoot.
(though I love him) Household tasks are harder to complete.
I am always having to stop what I am doing so he can pass by or
because he needs help with something. He also is very good
at interrupting school. He often takes our lesson in a
completely different direction than my original intent. Which isn't
terribly a bad thing but it makes for hectic planning. He has also passed the
sleeping all the time phase. On occasion he takes naps but they
are fewer than in the beginning. I imagine his heart working so hard
made him tired during the day hours. The depression he seemed to
be carrying has lifted. He has begun doing little projects....(which
are piling up everywhere) This piling of projects doesn't help my
mood. When things are disorderly I feel completely out of sync.
I know this is who he is but starting one project and moving to
another and another makes me crazy. When I start something I typically
want to complete it before choosing something else.. but Dad ..
He is bored with a task after a bit and picks another coming back
to that one at a later time. Nothing I can't handle just the pile up
of these little things. (Thank you Lord for Daddy's messes)

Anyway I don't want this to be a completely negative post.
Its just this inner needling that I need to go. :)

Sweet pea is rolling more and more. She rolls
from front to back and back to front now. She has taken to
holding on to her pants legs and kicking her feet. It is so adorable.

...Spirit he is en thawed with the Christmas season and all the holiday
hoopla. His eyes are lit up and he jumps around pretty much all day
long. He can't seem to contain himself. I want to get him to the
mall to see Santa. I know that will be a huge hit for him.

Princess is still working hard in her lessons. A diligence I never
thought I'd see from her. All because she has a facebook and
can only play on it when he lessons are completed and completed well.
To bad I didn't think of this sooner.

Superboy is a frustration of late. He fights absolutely everything.
He is establishing his independence I suppose and yet his creativity
is amazing. He is always working on some sort of project.
When he is in project mode he is happy as pie.

Heart is in need of prayer. She is struggling with what to
do after her high school years. I want her to create some
sort of plan. We are working toward that goal but it is difficult
for her. She isn't ready to be an adult. What do you do when
18 rolls around and you aren't ready for it?

Toad is working on his new apartment near his new school. I find
reports daily on facebook of his new apartment adventure.
He is renting from a friend and agreed to do some work on it first
for a cheaper rent during his schooling. There seems to be
a lot of work to be done.

Tom girl is doing well with baby. Her and A have a lot
of new things to adjust to as parents. (Prayers here too)

That about covers my ramblings. I hope you are well, safe
and beginning to get things together for your holiday.

May God bless and keep you.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gran Baby :)

Finally , Finally I got to see baby. We were all well enough for
him to come and visit. He is such a little sweety.
He seems so tiny compared to sweet pea. He is half
of her size. Tom Girl holds him up in the air and he
rolls himself into a little ball.

Here is Tom Girl and her new little man. :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Simple Women daybook December

Today is.... Dec 7, 2009

Outside My Window....
It snowed on Saturday and there is still a light dust of snow
on the ground here. The remnants of a fallen snowman are
scattered about. The sky is a gray coloring. Maybe more rain
or even ice. Hopefully only rain. We have some errands to run today.
Soon we will begin our annual cookie baking.

I am Thinking.....
about all of the festivities this upcoming weekend. Friday
night our church youth will sponsor a cafe. Families come out and
enjoy the music while the youth serve goodies. Last year this was
a huge hit. Then Sunday the children are in the annual Christmas
program. Princess is a Sheppard and in the choir, Superboy is passing
the offering plate, Spirit will be a wise man and Heart is reading scripture.
I can hardly wait to see as much as I can. I help the little ones so
usually a friend tapes it and I get to view it later. After that we are
running to a nursing home to and Princess will sing the entire program
again as a Cantata. Then we will head off to the church for Christmas caroling.
Hopefully the weather is nice and holds out for us. I don't drive in foul
weather. I know the children will be disappointed if it is icky.

From the learning rooms...

Math -Measurements and conversions.
(will work great with cookie baking )
Literature- Beginning to read Old Yeller
History- American history the Wild west
Science- Creation Science

Math- Multiplication skills Multiplying 2 digits numbers with large numbers.
Literature- Reading Novel Lion to Guard US.
History- Beginning of government
Science -Chemistry and Mixtures

Christmas, Letter N, North pole and Nativity

From our kitchen...
We are baking cookies this week. Maybe will get time
to share some recipes.
Monday- Haddock, macaroni and cheese
and biscuits
Tuesday- Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and corn
Wednesday- Sausage, potato wedges, and peas
Thursday- Hamburgers and fries
Friday- Leftovers running to Cafe

I am wearing...
Brown dress pants, purple shirt and

I am creating...
Collars for the Wise men and crowns. I am also
helping Superboy to make owls to give as gifts.

I am hearing.... Mickey Mouse club house
and the microwave. I think daddy is making tea.

Favorite things..... Facebook

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- shopping and school
Tuesday- School
Wednesday- School and choir practice
Thursday- school and cub scouts
Friday- School and cafe
Saturday- Open..
Sunday- Church, children Christmas
program, Singing and nursing home and
caroling at shut ins of our church.

Here is a photo I'd like to share of our weekend.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Rock Hound

Princess created this Rock cycle poster to go along with her
study of how rocks are formed. Then she used her Rock kit
and tried to figure out what kind of rock it was . First by looking
and then by checking on the Internet. Several were minerals and
didn't fit into either category.

Her results :
Igneous Rock seems to be conglomerates of smaller parts
They are crystalline, glassy or pitted in texture.
Formed by magma being cooled then hardened.

Sedimentary rocks- Seem to also be conglomerates of smaller parts.
Some are crystalline. Look like smaller bits cemented together.
Formed by weathering and erosion.

Metamorphic Rock- some are crystalline as well except
for pumice and obsidian which are distinct from the others.
Changes and is formed by heat and pressure.

It was really difficult in some ways to tell any different from
the others till we researched more and investigated. It was
interesting in some cases to see how similar they were even
when they were formed under different conditions.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Roll over....

Sweet pea did it!!! She rolled over from her back to her
belly. She has been working on it for about a week.
She rolled over almost the whole way and then got her
arm stuck. Finally today she was able to pull her arm free.
Look how happy she looks about it. Don't let that smiley face
fool you. A few minutes later she was crying because she
couldn't roll back over.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ABC Christmas Review

Time to review the letters we have been working on
the last few months. We go over our letter cards each day.
We have learned the letters A, B, C, F, I , H, N and P
I found 2 games at and the
Hershey game is mine. :)

These trees make a fun review. The child puts over top
of the lower case letters bingo chips matching the guide at
the top of the page. Spirit really enjoyed this one. He played
it for quite awhile.

This is my Hershey Kiss game. I wrote a capital letter on
one and a lower case on the another. Spirit played a matching
game with them to find their partners. Of course he ate a few too. :)

This last game is Stamp Bingo , also found at kinder
printables. I wrote the letter we were to review. Then
I called out the letters and Spirit stamped a Christmas stamp
on the called out letter. When the card was full of stamps
we yelled BINGO just for fun.

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