Friday, April 18, 2014

Random 5 - Easter

I thought I would share this week my Random Easter
post. We are so very busy preparing for Easter activities.

1. Friday we are going to an egg hunt at my dads work and
then to mom and dads to share pizza with a whole bunch of kids.
So much fun.

2. Friday evening I set up for our Easter activities
and manned nursery for Thursday services and Friday Services.

3. Saturday is our Easter fellowship activity. We provide
crafting time for an hour an a half. I will share that with you soon.

4. Then we have an egg hunt with 100s of plastic eggs filled with treats.
This year my son is bring along his real bunny rabbit to share with the
30-60 kids who attend.

5. Easter we attend church services . I supervise our nursery and
teach Sunday school to preschoolers. Then we are heading to my
Moms for Easter Sunday Dinner.

Happy Easter all

Warm Blessings,


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Curiosity Quest - Review

Curiosity Quest Review

Kids have lot's of curiosity. They are always wanting to know
how things work. Sometimes mom and dad might not know the
answers to their complex questions , but perhaps the creators of
Curiosity Quest can be of some help. I viewed two of their dvd's in
exchange for a review. They both were both Combo Packs with three
videos on each dvd from the show Curiosity Quest.

DVD Combo Pack - Produce- $24.95
(Cranberries, Oranges, and Mushrooms)

DVD Combo Pack- Swimmers of the Sea- $24.95
(turtles, penguins and salmon)

Curiosity Quest is a fun educational, family television show that
explores what you the viewer is curious about. Joel Greene is the host
and he takes you through the exploration of the question the viewer
submits to the show. If you are selected he will teach you all about the
topic you wondered about on a virtual tour of the location. Included in
the video is basic vocabulary of the topic, mapping, fun facts and
question and answers by area children. Sometimes the kids are way
off in their answers and are pretty cute. Sometimes they are right on
and typically there is a little bell sound so you know which child is correct
in their answer. Other times the show continues to share the answer on the
field trip to the locations. Curiosity Quest is for Children and parents
of all ages but is geared toward children 7-14 years of age.

The first DVD Combo pack we began watching is from the Produce
package.  I brought I up on our laptop and was able to select which
one of the three videos I wanted to watch.  We started out with ...

Curiosity Quest Review


Joel takes you to Watsonville California to the home of the largest fresh
mushroom grower Montery Mushrooms. You will learn much about the
mushrooms. The tour takes you through the entire process of growing and
shipping mushrooms, to all the care of handling and growing them . You
will learn all about the proper conditions a mushroom needs for growth and
 about the different stages. Joel is put in some funny situations of cutting
mushrooms and helping to prepare them for shipment. He learns how many
mushrooms are prepared per hour and soon quickly realizes that he could
not keep up with the demand.  Joel also went to Royal Oaks where he
learned about Packaging. We also learn about Portabellas and Joel even
gets a chance to taste one.

Some of the other  topics you will learn about are...

* What is the first step of Growing a Mushroom

* What is a mushroom

*What is the Harvest

*How big can a mushroom Get?

Some of my kiddos will eat mushrooms and others will not. Their
daddy is a fan but mommy is not but it was still fun learning about
how they were grown even for this non-mushroom eating mom.


Out  of all the produce this is the one I was most curious about. The
kids as well.  Here Joel takes you  to a farm in Wisconsin. It seems to be
pretty cold there and is snowing and Joel references the temperature a few
times. Must have been pretty cold there. We learn that the Cranberry
comes back each year and I always wanted to know why they were in fields
of water. I often see the cranberry commercials and wonder why? You will
find out why in this video.  You learn all about their growing  season just
like the Mushrooms, the right conditions and temperature. We saw
how the cranberries are collected and Joel had a race with the
gadget here in the photo verses a tractor. I wonder who won? (hee hee)
We are then taken to the factory and learn about how to tell if a
Cranberry is ripe and what the correct size for a typical market
cranberry .  The kids favorite fact was that  a cranberry will bounce
if it is ripe. The cranberries get four trips around the machine
ride to jump into the ripe side. The kids loved this concept of
sorting them. Some of the topics that are presented...

* What does buoyant mean?

*What do Cranberries taste like?

*What does harvesting mean?

My grandmother makes the best cranberry sauce at Thankgiving so
all of my kids have tasted cranberries before.  I love cranberries especially
cranberry juice. During Question and Answer many of the kids hadn't tried
them. Make sure you allow your kids to try things even you don't like.

Curiosity Quest Review

The last produced we learned about was Oranges

Orange Packing

This time Joel takes us to Gillette Citrus company in Dinuba, California to
learn all about how Oranges grow, how they are washed, sorted and packed.
We learned that an orange can be damaged easily on the outside  when
picking and handling you must take great care in protecting their skin. There
is a special way to cut them so that no stems are still attached. You wouldn't
want a stem to puncture other oranges in the bag or box. We learned about the
various kinds of oranges and when they were to be harvested. At the time of
the shooting many of the oranges weren't quite the right color. We are
shown how they get the oranges to turn orange if they won't on their
own. We watched machines sort them by size and learned the good
ones from the bad ones.  Other topics presented...

*What is your favorite type of orange?

*What type of climate do oranges grow in?

*Do you have fresh fruits and vegetables at your house?

*How do oranges get to the supermarket.

My kids love oranges. They beg me to get them and eat them
on a regular basis. I think my 16 year old probably eats one almost
every day for lunch.

The second DVD Pack combo was called the Swimmers of
the Sea.
Recently in conjunction with this dvd  were able to
visit with a marine biologist through our local parks system so this
was a great ad on to that lesson.

Curiosity Quest Review


A few years ago the kids and I did a lapbook on penguins the  younger
ones in particular love exploring animals and the way they live and survive.
This time we had to Monterey Bay Aquarium in Long Beach, California to learn
about and take a look at the penguins. The Penguins we get to visit do not like
the colder climate but thrive in warmer weather, which is perfect for living
in CA. The Megellanic penguins at this Aquarium seem rather tame and
readily approachable. They probably selected some for the show. Joel learns
all about the food prep, what they eat, and how much they eat. He was
taken into the aquarium to learn hands on how to feed them . The
aquarium keeps exact records of each penguins feeding.  Joel also
was able to touch one of the penguins. While there we learn about their
body structure, proposing, and  preening.

Other questions learned....

* What do penguins eat?

*What does it mean to molt?

*What does a penguin sound like?

* What do they feel like?

* What is husbandry?

*Why can't penguins fly?

Sea Turtles

We just love turtles here. We have one of our own of course not a sea
turtle. The kids are always fascinated by them. This time we head to a Turtle
hospital in Marathon, Florida. We find out about animal rescue, rehab and
release into the sea. We learn about how many turtles come to the hospital
each year and how many were there since the hospital opened. We find out
what they eat, what their nose feels like, where turtles lay eggs, how they
hatch,  and various things about them. Some of the situations are rather sad.
Sea turtles are endanger animals and we are not aloud to touch them but
the hospital has a license to touch them while they are there so they
can help them.

Other facts touched on...

*How do sea turtles eat?

*How much can a sea turtle weigh?

* How can you tell if it is a boy or girl Sea turtle

*How long can they live?

Curiosity Quest Review

These are the paper sea turtles the kids made at the talk with the
marine biologist. They learned so much about turtles.


We had seen documentaries on Salmon before so this one wasn't as
interesting to the kids. Only because they already know a lot about them.
Otherwise I think they would have enjoyed it just as much as the others.
Recently we had done a study on dog sledding in Alaska. This would have
gone great with that study. I did see there is a DVD on dog sledding. We
study the Iditarod every year so we may have to grab that one for next year.

On this journey you will find out about the life cycle of salmon. We learn that
wherever they start out they imprint that into their memory and will return
there to reproduce/spawn. We find out why hatcheries such as this
one exist and how long they stay in this habitat. It is interesting
to note that salmon can live in fresh water some of their lives
and the sea another part of their lives.

Other topics presented:

* What is imprinting?

* When do salmon lay their eggs?

*What is a net pen?

*What do Salmon eat?

What we Thought of the DVD's and How we used them

I used the DVD's with all of my kids. They all wanted
to watch. We staged a curiosity Quest night. The older kids
were armed with clipboards to write done some
of the interesting facts. The little ones watched. My kids are
4, 8, 14, and 16.  As we watched the cranberries episode I
realized that I had watched that one before with  one of
my kiddos. I realized soon after that our PBS station airs
these shows. I was able to go to the show site and
find out times for the programing. The kids were pretty
excited about that. However , having the DVD has it's
advantages like with our marine study. We were able to
view just the right one for our lesson about Sea turtles.
It was nice to have an accompanying activity for our study.

I loved the DVD's and like I mentioned before I am hoping
to pick up the sled dog one too. There are others in the
collection. I will have to make a list so I remember them for
some of our future studies. They are gear toward the kids
and keep their attention.  I am thinking the next time we
use them to create notebooking pages for their use.
I like the humor of Joel in them. He has a humor the kids
will like and talks to  their understanding. Definitely
one we will view again and again.

If you would like to read more review about Curiosity Quest
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Warm Blessings,


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Hopping Along Blog Hop Week 3

Tots and Me
Welcome to the third week of the Hopping Along to Easter Blog Hop hosted by Tots and MeWalking in Faith and Angels of Heart

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Featured Co-Host

Lexi from Lextin Academy shared some beautiful Easter Decorations and Art, including Marbled Egg Art, Spaghetti "Easter Grass" Art, Woven Easter Egg Art and Bunny Silhouette Art. Don't forget to stop by and check out all the wonderful ideas.

Please take the time to visit the blogs of those who have linked up.  Leave a comment.  Follow them.  Wish them a Happy Easter.
Don't forget to follow the hostesses.  We will gladly stop by your blog and follow you back.

Here is this week's question:

What are your favorite Easter recipes? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacks?  

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Random 5- Week Before Spring Break

1. It was the Week before Spring Break and oh what a week it
was. Spring is always so busy.  I always feel like I am rushing
around to get everything done so we can have those lazy days
of summer. I hope I'm not the only one that feels that way. 


(photo: In Gettysburg of a covered Bridge and the kids)

2. We ended our school work this week and will be taking a much
needed week off. We will begin again next Tuesday. The weather is
beginning to look promising . We took to the park two days this week.
The kids take their scooters and skate boards and we walk the track.
Then we play on the playground afterwards. It has become a fun
habit I hope to include the rest of the year.

(The two young ones at Devil's Den Gettysburg)

3. Over the weekend last weekend my brother was here visiting from
North Carolina. We went out to eat at Hoss's and then explored some
of Gettysburg. The kids love climbing on the rocks at Devils den.
The photos in this weeks random 5 are from that day. 

(Superboy at Devils Den)

4.  I had a fun time teaching the cross to my preschooler this week
If you missed the posts here are the links...

Lesson 1- Twelve Men
Lesson 2- Miracles
Lesson 3- Rejoice
Lesson 4- Jesus the Servant
Lesson 5- Jesus Lives

(Princess at Devils den. They all liked this crevice)

5. I am looking toward my plans for this week and they
look pretty busy...

Friday- Finish lessons, Grocery shop and shop for Easter baskets
Saturday- House cleaning and work on Prep for Sunday school
Sunday - Church Services and time with family
Monday- Work on Prep for Easter activities on Saturday
Tuesday- Work more on prep for Easter Activities, Sort spring clothes
Wed.- Start baking for Easter Activities
Thursday- Finish Baking for Easter activities , Staff/Church services
Friday- Egg hunt with my dad and family lunch- Staff/Church services
Saturday- Set up and organize Easter activities at church will be at that
all day.
Sunday- Church services/Staff , Easter Dinner at moms.
Monday- Rest.

In case I don't get to Random 5 Good Friday. Have a Happy Easter.

Warm Blessings,


The Pebble Pond

The Cross for Preschoolers - Jesus Lives

Lesson 1- Twelve Men
Lesson 2- Miracles
Lesson 3- Rejoice
Lesson 4- Jesus Lives

Before I begin with the last lesson in the 5 day series. I just
wanted to thank all of you that have stopped by to visit. I appreciate
all of your comments, facebook likes and pins on pinterest.

On with todays topic. This is where it can get tricky. When we
approach the cross with preschoolers it is really important to know
your child and what they can handle emotionally. If you think pictures
of Jesus on the cross is going to bother them then tell them with words
as best you can. I have taught preschool bible for many years and I feel
that if you don't make it feel to heavy for the child that an introduction
for what Jesus did for us is in order. I try to explain as best I can if they
as question. Just take it slow and remember that you don't want to
give to much before they are ready. I approach it by using our
children's bible. As I mentioned before we use the Scholastics
Read and Learn bible. There are not disturbing pictures in a book
such as this one. So children can absorb the story with out worry.

As usual we sang our B-I-B-L-E song. I matter of factly
read the story to my daughter. I began reading the Chapter
entitled The Dark Friday . We read a Joyful Sunday and
Jesus is Alive.  *Note if you are interested in this bible the
crucifixion picture is a Silhouette. Very basic for little ones.
This might seem like a lot of chapters for a little one. I do it this
way so that we can get to the Good part. The part where Jesus is
Alive. Little ones might ask questions about why someone would
want to hurt a Jesus they love. I tell them that this happened so he
could take the bad things we do away and wipe it clean.

Something I have done a few times is use a light table to explain
this to them. If you don't have one you can put Christmas lights in
a storage container. Sprinkle sand on the light table. Ask them to
draw something in the sand that they may have done wrong and
then ask Jesus to forgive them and wipe it clean. It has a profound
effect on them. You will be surprised how some little ones take this
activity. I have had the room completely quiet that you could hear
a pin drop and these are little 4-5 year olds.

Anyway back to Sweet Pea's activity. I told her that there were
people who were confused about Jesus and who he was and
they did not know better. But we, WE know who Jesus is don't we.
They were so confused about it that they hurt Jesus and he died
but we don't need to be sad because Jesus is Gods son and He
can do anything. We talk about the tomb and how He is not there.
We talk about how Jesus is alive and we hoot and holler our happiness.
(Focus on the end result more than anything)

Then we begin our little craft....

You will need brown craft foam cut in the shape of a cross, glue
and various things to glue onto the cross. You will also need
a brand new unsharpened pencil. I also used our palm branches
form the other days activity.

We used flowers, scrapbook flowers, butterflies and the palm
cut outs . She glued them as she desired. I never put limits on little
ones. Below is Sweet Peas Almost completed cross. We also
taped a new pencil to the back when it dried and stuck it into
a spring potted flower by the door. To remind us that Jesus
died and Lives in all of our lives.

I wanted to give my little one a gift to hold. I found this
box at our local craft store shaped like a cross. I put a
coffee filter inside the cross for Jesus to lay inside. I made
Jesus out of a peg doll. You can get blank ones at the craft stores
as well. I just used a sharpie to create his hair and eyes. I also
put a heart on him too. Its covered with the tissue in the photo
below. I was going to do an activity with her taking Jesus out of the
cross and show her the empty box but  Her response to this gift
was precious....

"Mommy, Do I get to keep Jesus and play with Him. "

Yes sweety you get to keep him He is yours.
(He really is just for Her and for You and me too.)

Then she goes on to say...

"Mommy I will keep him safe I promise. "

I wanted to cry. So sweet.

She took Jesus to Bed with her Tonight in more ways
than one.

Warm Blessings and a Happy Easter to you,


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Star Chronicles - Review

When I look to the heavens the World seems so big and so
open to God's creation. The stars are so wondrous. There is so
much there that we do not see or understand but God is in it and
through it. He is all over our creation. We can only begin to
understand and learn all that he has placed before us.
The heavens declare the glory of God;
    the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Psalms 19:1

It isn't often that you come across a study such as this one. A study
about the stars that is not astrological in content . One that looks at the
outer world with a biblical perspective. I want to share with you...

Star Chronicles- a bible based study of the stars
ISBN-13: 978-1497446502
ISBN-10: 149744503
Author : Dawnita Fogleman

Available for purchase from:

Fogleman Forerunner- $12.00 Ebook
Amazon-$25.00 Paperback
Create Space - $25.00

About the Study: 

Star Chronicles is a study of the constellations based on bible principles.
Often times a study about the stars is saturated with astrology. This
study is NOT that. You won't find zodiac or horoscopes. I like that
about it. Each star chart is introduced with a constellation and
accompanying star chart. Children will listen to a bit of information
about each constellation or they can read it themselves depending on
the age. I would say this is a broad spectrum curriculum in that just
about any age could do it depending on how in depth a child wants to
go. There are coloring pages for the little ones and Notebooking pages
for the older student. Older students can dig deeper with more research
with suggest curriculum resources.

There are 12 constellations that are introduced. They are :

Virgo (Virgin and Bride)
Libra (Justice and Balance)
Scorpio (Sting of death)
Sagittarius (Archer)
Capricorn (Goat)
Aquarius (water bearer)
Pisces (fish)
Aries (Lamb)
Taurus (A bull)
Gemini (Twins)
Cancer (Resurrection)
Lion (leo)

For each one you will find a word study on the names of the
constellations , some historical information and then bible verses
related to each one. Star charts are introduced as well in relation
to the bible.

About the Author:

Dawnita Fogleman and her husband Paul have 6 children.
They homeschool and now have two who graduated. Her family
has started their own business and run their little farm.   Dawnita
blogs about life @

How We used the Study:

This was a really fun study to do with the kids. I used it with
three of my children ages 4, 8, and 14. To be honest with you I was
a little intimidated. I know nothing about the stars or the constellations.
I love Science but I'm more of a chemistry and Biology type of girl. So I was
a little worried about teaching it. Dawnita suggests gathering scrapbook
materials and create a notebook using the pages and information that
she provides.  I had the kids work on this as a team. My son read the
information an then paraphrased it to the little ones. I did it this way
because he is an auditory learner and I knew this would be a way
for him to retain the information. I would have liked to use the
notebooking pages with my older son but there was some color to
the page and I didn't' have access to a color printer. So what we did
was a team effort. My 8 year old would color the pages for him
and then he would choose a bible verse from the reading
to add to the paper. They both worked on trying to produce the
constellation pattern as well. They had some nice brother time
and it worked out for them nicely. 

Of course my little Sweet Pea loves to be involved so these pages were
really great for her. I printed extra and she has been coloring them
for days now. I have an enormous stack of them. 

As I mentioned above we did not get to use the notebooking pages
but they are really lovely. I wanted to show them to you.  Here is a
snip it of one so you can see what they are like. Really beautifully done. 

Now that I have my feet wet with it. I am feeling a tad more
confident and would really like to do this lesson again using
some of the suggested resources and some of the things I have
learned since the completion of our study. I feel like this is something
we can revisit and that will grow along with my children.

Definitely something to add to your homeschool.

Warm Blessings,


Victus Study Skills System - Review

My son does NOT like to study. He is the most unorganized
guy I know however he is a creative type of person. I have tried
to organize him. I took one year and focused on just getting him
together. Something's worked and some we are still working on
today. I give him his morning plan each week on a clipboard and
he is to work through the plan. It takes him so long just to do one
assignment and to just even find his things. What is a mother to do?
Victus Study Skills Review

I was given for review by the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange
for my honest review Victus Study Skills System. I received the...

Teacher Edition- a $40.00 Value and
One Student Workbook- a $20.00 value
In exchange for my honest review of the product.

In addition to the products I am reviewing Victus also has available

A Student DYI Workbook - $25.00
Classroom Video- $30.00
Powerpoint- $25.00
Creating and implementing a strategic plan- $5.00

Victus Study skills was developed and written by the founder of
Tutorial Associations of America and Memphis Tutorial Association.
It uses the Susan Ison's approach to study skills for teaching and planning.
The course is set up on the basis of four philosophies.

1. The Zeal without knowledge is not good,
but zeal with knowledge bears fruit.

2. Results come from the process

3. Any system with all of it's components must have an aim,
or purpose

4.A unique and effective study skills has the greatest likelihood
of aiding in success.

All of these are truth. Without knowledge where will our kids be one
day? We often say to our kids it is time to study but if they don't
know how to study how can they do what we are asking of them? Often
it is assumed that they know how to take on the task when in reality they
need some guidance. Sometimes we as parents/teachers decide assign
an assignment or task for our students to complete over time but perhaps
they do not have the time management skills to meet the specifications of
our assignment. If any of this sounds familiar to you then you are like me.
I assumed my son knew these skills. Both of my daughters have been
natural organizers. They organize their clothes, their rooms, their
assignments and their time. Then along came my son who is at the
moment 14. As I mentioned in my opening I worked so hard to get him
to be an organized child. I have had to walk him through the steps of
what to do next and next and next. They do not come naturally to him.
His school area is a mess, his time management is horrible and his work
is falling because of this issue. It is something I have struggled with for
awhile with him. Who would have thought a homeschooler would have
such an issue with these types of things. We are on our own time after all.
However I do want my kids to be able to hold down a job one day. To
be able to understand what they are doing and manage their time well.
Before I get into how we did with the program though let me tell you
a little more about the product.

Victus can be used by all age children. There are recommendations
on the website for using the program for kids ages 4-7. Students ages
8-10 should be able to work through the Student Workbook with a
parent using the Teacher Edition. Older students may work at their
own pace with the Student DIY Workbook.

There are 10 lessons in the Study Skills workbook.
Introduction and Study Habits Checklist
Learning Strengths
Time Management
Organization and Study Environment
Note Taking
Test Taking

The Workbook will start your child out with a look at
Where I am Now, to Where do I want to be? and Ending
with How do I get there?  The workbook is set up with fill in the
blank worksheets that take you through various activities and models
to aid in learning the new skill. To begin we filled in a study skills habit
checklist. This aided my son in helping him to see some of the places that
he might need to work on to improve how he approaches his lessons. Some of
the questions did not really apply to homeschoolers but we tweaked them a little
as we discussed them. Then he filled out a Strengths chart that gave us a
peek at his learning style. Now in the past he has taken one of these type of
questionnaires before and ended up with a predominantly auditory learning
style. This time it came up with a higher visual. I am prone to think that
perhaps he is a bit auditory and visual so we will use both of those in aiding
him when working through his lessons. The next page gave us a look at
some of the tools he can use to help him as he studies. Such as..

Writing things down to put them to memory

Highlight and underline.

Color code to organize notes and possessions

Just to name a few. Very helpful information but now we have to
figure out how to apply that to his school work.

(Below is his strength worksheet)

Next we worked on Where he wants to be.

We worked on creating goals for him and making his own
mission statement to move forward in his education. We started
out by drawing his thoughts. This was right up my artists alley.
He made little sketches of his workload. He shows that 5 years ago
he felt weary with his work. Right now he drew being thoroughly
frustrated and I think he really is at this I am done place. He is ready
to make steps to change. Five years from now he will graduate high
school and that is him down in the box celebrating. 10 years from now
he is working at his computer designing animation and ads for local
businesses. That is his end result. I personally feel he already does so
much with animation. I will have to share some of his videos one day
here for all of my readers. 

Once we thought about where we want to be we began to set
goals for his work. Below is his Spring Goal sheet. He has a
goal for math to use his math notebook daily since he learns best by
writing things out. Since I feel he is visual as well we went with
working on the online tutor CTC Math for practice of his math skills.
I also love the idea of creating a sample test so that he can complete
 himself. His spelling needs a lot of work so we made a plan to
to work toward that goal . Since art is his future major we made
a plan to begin working on portfolio samples so that he has that
prepared when the time comes. You will also find fall goal sheets
and summer goal sheets.

The next section is How Do I get there? This is a really important area
for me. We begin our lessons with Time management. There is a worksheet
for kids to fill in their time for the week by the hour. A sample schedule is
provided for the month for managing assignments as well. We also had a
worksheet on setting up a better study environment. I would love to make
things nicer for my son. He hates working at the table with the other kids.
He finds them a distraction. The only problem with this is when I allow
him to his own devices he does nothing. So I would like to give him this
leeway maybe a little at a time until I feel he is ready.

Then it goes through the steps of working on study material. It is suggested
to preview your material. This I am sure he does not do and so many
other things. I don't want to give the entire curriculum away. It also
talks about how to be a good listener and how to take notes. Notes oh
the glory. I have been working on note taking with him for some time.
I know this will be needed one day. So I will ask him to read something
from one of our history books and then take some notes on it. I loved
this section. Truly a big help with getting him organized. Many other
skills as well that has started helping him organize himself.

My son is my son. He will always be more creative than focused
on organization , however Victus has given him some skills to work
toward his goals in life. I like that I can use them as reminders to not
forget this or this.. In helping him work through his days . As High
school approaches we have one more year to work on getting these
down before some of the harder topics move in.

Would I recommend Victus Study Skills? 
Yes, Absolutely yes. In fact for the fall I have plans to purchase
more workbooks for the rest of the kids in my house. I think
that these are skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.
I like things that work on preparing them for life. I have the
idea that for the first week of school this is what we will start
with working on our study skills and using this plan all year long.
It will be a good refresher for my son who is working toward being
more organized with his time and his lesson.

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The Cross for Preschoolers- Jesus the Servant

Lesson 1- Twelve Men
Lesson 2- Miracles
Lesson 3- Rejoice

We are having such a great time with these lessons. When I created
them I made them so that they were quick fun and to the point. I
didn't want us to spend too long on a topic so that she would enjoy it,
remember it and want to do more. That is exactly what has been
happening. Princess asks me "Mommy when are we doing bible."
Such a good thing, family bible time.


Today we enter the story of Jesus the Servant. We learn in our
Scholastics Bible that Jesus friends gathered together and Jesus
washed their feet. He showed them that they are to serve the people.
Or in the words to my little one we are to take care of each other.

We talked about how the people in bible times wore sandals or
no shoes at all. Their feet would often get dirty. So Jesus showed us
that we  should care for each other. No one person should be to
important that they can't help or care for someone else.

I dressed Sweet Pea in some old clothing just in case we got to
messy. Then I sat a bench by our bathtub for easy clean up. I
had her sit on the bench and put a white paper at her feet.

I used Brown painted and painted her feet. Reminding her how
dirty the disciples feet may have been.

Once her feet were painted I had her walk on the paper.
Please hold your child's hand while they walk on the paper.
Having slippery paint on your feet could make you fall. So
hold on tight. Sweet Pea is not always a texture type of girl
and so she did not paint to long.

Clean up was easy. I had her stand on the paper and then
moved her bench into the tub. She stepped in and sat
on the bench. She thought this was rather funny.

Then I washed her feet just like Jesus did for his Disciples.

When we were done she decided to add some flower stickers and palm
stickers. I think I had these from an old Jungle pack.

We also Read the Story of the Lord's Supper.

Little ones will not understand the meaning of the cup and bread.
However I always feel that it is good to introduce it to them . The
importance of the ritual and begin sharing the meaning. In our church
I ask for communion for our nursery child. We sit in a circle and do
What I did with my daughter last night....

After the story I cut some bread and got her some juice. I told
here that this juice and bread is to remind us that Jesus Loves us
so much. We said a little prayer together and then ate or bread
and had our juice. We quietly sang Jesus loves me and then
Prayed for each of our family.

Thank you God for Mommy
Thank you God for Daddy
Thank you God for Her Brothers and Sister by name
Thank you God for ___

And Thank you God for YOU!!


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Virtual Refrigerator- Spring Flower Art.

Spring is in the air. We have been out going to the park
and cleaning up the yard. I can't wait to see the flowers bloom
too. Today I want to share our Spring Flower Art Creations.

I can't take credit for this one. I found it at Apex Art.

Here is how we made them. First I precut black paper for
my little ones to be a vase. Then we cut colored paper into
squares to be glued to the vase. Then they used sharpie to draw
on their flowers and last we used watercolors to paint them and
add some color. I love how they turned out.

This is Spirits age 8

This one is mine. I had to join in. I decided after
figuring out I could put a cross on the front that we are going
to do these on Sunday with the kids.

This is Sweet Peas age 4. She did pretty good.

They look really neat all displayed together. These are
actually going on our Refrigerator.

Good News. Jennifer the Creator of the Virtual Refrigerator
Blog Hop has created a pinterest board of our Art. So now you
can go and see all of our past art projects. Yeah...
Thank you Jennifer !

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